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More practical, complete, and safe time management

With electronic punch clock and timesheet features, our time management platform offers enhanced control for businesses and improved accessibility for professionals. All of this is provided within a reliable structure where data is securely stored and can be accessed in real time.

Our commitment to innovation has made us pioneers in the implementation of digital certification. We strive to continue evolving and aim to build comprehensive corporate environments where relationships are strengthened through simplified and accurate processes.

Numbers that keep growing


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Your journey is in good hands

CERTPONTO provides time management solutions within a collaborative environment, offering a reassuring voice that instills confidence and empowers both individuals and businesses. We ensure compliance with all legal requirements established for the digital punch clock.

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It is a comprehensive punch platform that enhances worker access and operational mobility in a neutral, secure, and inviolable manner. It enables employees to conveniently consult, extract, or print their punch records, whether they are at the workplace or working remotely. With CERTPONTO, you can rest assured that your business's working hours are well-managed according to your specific needs and established rules.

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What we do?

Time management solutions.

How we do it?

Within our collaborative culture, we closely and attentively address the unique demands of each of our customers. We strive for continuous improvement through collaboration, prioritizing transparency and integrity in our solutions.

Why we do it?

Our goal is to deliver solutions that streamline the workday and foster the growth of businesses and individuals alike.

People through the ideas that make it happen

Sergio Tosta

Founding Member and Advisor

With a career that encompasses various skills such as execution, management, and business leadership, Sergio has developed extensive experience in business management. As a founding partner, he believed in the proposal of CERTPONTO from the very beginning, and all his previous experience was crucial in directing investments strategically. As an advisor, Sergio participates in strategic decisions at CERTPONTO and also provides guidance on investment and goal-setting while monitoring and evaluating performance.

Anderson Grande

Founding Partner and CEO

With a professional career of more than 20 years, Anderson has accumulated knowledge by working in small, medium, and large companies, in addition to teaching in the areas of Computer Science, Information Systems, and IT Management. At CERTPONTO, he brought all his theoretical and practical knowledge to different projects, as he is responsible for product development, creation of organizational culture, and strategic planning. As CEO, Anderson works daily to manage resources and operations across all spheres of the business, ensuring that objectives are implemented with the right technical, financial, operational, practical, and intellectual skills.

Enedy Cordeiro

Partner and CTO

With more than 10 years of experience in software engineering, Enedy is dedicated to participating in research and development projects, adding an innovative vision to CERTPONTO products. Responsible for analyzing technical trends and managing and driving changes in technology to keep the CERTPONTO catalog in the most modern and up-to-date market. By constantly following technological developments, he manages to apply resources in order to innovate, which allows the development of increasingly complete, practical, and functional systems. Active in the academic area, he teaches in the graduate program in Software Engineering, believing in education and in the power it has to change the world.

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When it comes to time and attendance management , every business has its own distinct characteristics and requirements! That's precisely why the platform offers various modules, allowing businesses to choose the functionalities that will truly make a difference for their specific needs.

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